Regular practice is imperative to learn how to play proficiently. A minimum of 30 minutes of practice, 5 days a week is required. Participation in the spring and winter recitals is required but festivals and competitions are optional.

Dismissals and Termination

Missed Lessons

 I will obtain the books for your child. Books, performance opportunities such as festivals and competitions will be added to your tuition as necessary.

Materials, Equipment, Extras

Tuition Structure, Schedule, Late Fees

Yearly tuition for 30-minute lessons is $1,200. Your tuition guarantees that I will be present to teach 40 weeks and will be divided into equal payments of $120. Tuition is due by the fourth week of every 4-week session. A $15 late fee will be assessed for late payments. A 10% discount is offered for siblings.

A student needs to register for a minimum of 5 lessons in the summer to guarantee a spot in the following academic year.

If a student misses a lesson, they will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. Remember that your tuition pays for far more than just lesson time with your child. You can also opt to use the Facetime, Skype, or simply call to chat about your child’s progress during the time that is reserved for your child.

If a student is sick enough to stay home, he/she will not benefit from a lesson in a constructive way. Please do not send him/her for a piano lesson. Let me know if you would like me to conduct a lesson by Skype or Facetime at the student’s regular time.

If I miss a lesson, I will make it up within a 1-month period. If this is not possible, I will give the child credit for an extra lesson at the end of the year.

Student Commitment

Please feel free to email me or call me during my office hours from 12-2pm weekdays. If you need to miss a lesson, please notify me as soon as possible. Feel free to write me at anytime about what is happening with your child or to ask questions. I love hearing from you!

Parents are welcome to sit in on any lesson if they choose. The function of the parent in the lesson is to observe and take notes of the teacher’s practice suggestions to the student.

If for any reason you must stop lessons, one month’s notice is required. At that time, I will prorate the tuition for your final month to reflect the number of lessons that you have received based on the last lesson date. You will be required to pay this balance within 30 days.

Regrettably, I will have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:

• Failure to pay tuition on time
• Persistent absences
• Uncooperative attitude
• Failure to follow practice as instructed
• Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements