Succeeding at the Piano®

Provides students with material that is uniquely balanced musically and pedagogically, while providing a perfect introduction to the piano by laying a strong foundation to build upon. Reading, rhythm, technique, theory, ear training, playing by ear, music history, composition, and wonderful music by multiple composers are seamlessly integrated for a well-balanced music curriculum.

The All-In-One Approach to Succeeding at the Piano®

Designed for the busy student who enjoys piano and wants to achieve success, this series teaches the essentials of piano playing: reading, theory, rhythm, musicianship, technique, composition, and composer information— all in one book! The terrific motivational music by multiple composers uses a traditional reading approach that focuses on steps, skips and repeated notes in the beginning levels. Interesting and fun activities teach strong theory, rhythm, ear training, and creativity skills. Basic technique is taught in an easy manner and reinforced through visual icons, helping students develop excellent technique from the very beginning. Students learn how to listen with the help of visual icons and follow-up “student-centered” questions. Students learn how to practice through specific practice steps before each piece. The play-along CD includes practice tracks and orchestral background accompaniments that provide the perfect way for students to enjoy their practice at home.

Piano Made Fun for the Young® 

An early childhood piano curriculum designed to teach and reinforce beginning piano concepts successfully in a fun and playful spirit. Each lesson is divided into two areas: Rug Time and Piano Time. Geared toward 4-6 year olds in group or private lessons. This curriculum gives young students an effective way to get started with the piano in an atmosphere they can enjoy!

Supplementary material:will be determined based on student progress, season, recital preparation and other performances.

Teaching Materials

About the Teacher

Marina Furtado-Christian has over 12 years of piano teaching experience with students ranging from the age of 5 to adults (grown-ups rarely reveal their ages). She has taught students who took up piano for regular study as well as for therapeutic reasons. She has also conducted group music lessons for preschoolers in Broward County (which brings with it not just experience with the young, but also finger-printing and background checks).

She successfully completed her Performer’s Certificate from the Trinity College of Music, London, while preparing youngsters for their examinations with TCM as well.

She has also been working for an educational music publisher for the last decade immersed in the best educational materials in the country, most of which is utilized in her teaching.